Idea Sheet 08/17/20

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Comfort TV – This article on CNN says that during this pandemic a lot of people have resorted to comfort TV shows. Totally makes sense to me. I started watching The Office again…I’ve seen the full series a half dozen times. But it’s safe, friendly and funny. At night, and this will sound ridiculous but, The Golden Girls puts me in a safe place. Plus, and I know it’s old, but it’s hilarious. The writing is amazing and, like The Office, it’s a safe, friendly, funny space. What is your “comfort TV?”

Voting Sites – I thought this was amazing…and a huge opportunity for a cluster. With all of the controversy about mail-in voting and the alleged sabotaging of the USPS, why not try to put something together like the Los Angeles Dodgers are doing.

Dodger Stadium will host a voting site for November’s election, the team announced Thursday, partnering with LeBron James’ More Than a Vote coalition to become the first MLB team to make its stadium available as a polling place.

More details here… I would imagine there would be a few working parts…county clerk office…staffing it…finding an appropriate location. My idea, here in Vegas, was the AAA minor league home of the Las Vegas Aviators. Lots of space…people could drive in and drop off their ballots. I can guarantee you will get local TV exposure…hell, maybe even team up with your local TV partner. Perhaps contact the “More Than a Vote” coalition and see if you could partner up locally.

Hanging Out with Your Old Boss – Is it weird? Let’s stretch out the scenario a bit. You get let go from your old job. One of the guys responsible for your departure – the decision making process – is this guy. You don’t necessarily dislike the guy but, by the same token, he did fire you. Now, he’s kept in touch and even sent you a couple of leads but – again – the guy fired you. Do you hang out with him/her? Like, she invites you over to hang out with some other people you used to work with. One one hand, it seems pretty cool…but is it? Have you maintained friendships with bosses that have shitcanned you? Do you take this as an opportunity to keep options open…stay connected?

When the Credit Card Declined – I am in Kohl’s and the lady in front of me is full on back to school shopping. I’m not sure why exactly. Obviously, kids need clothes and grow out of their old clothes…but back to school clothing not exactly essential in this age of distance learning. I’m sitting there with a pack of socks and a cool nail clipper set patiently social distancing and waiting my turn and she’s up over $300. $300 at Kohl’s…where they’re practically giving shit away to keep the doors open…The final bill is $347.92. How do I know this? Because her credit card declined. Now, those systems aren’t perfect…so you have the clerk run it again…and maybe you even breathe on the strip or rub it on your shirt sleeve. Not sure why because it was a chipped card but she tried it not once but twice and then three times and it wouldn’t approve the charges. She didn’t have any other means…so, she had to walk away. So embarrassing, right? The clerk’s irritated because she’s busy and just wasted ten minutes for nothing. Rumblings behind me were that the credit card was denied because it was stolen. They didn’t know shit. Have you had this happen? The credit card declines…you don’t know why but you were embarrassed. Did you have a back up? Did you have to walk away? Did people give you the judgmental eyebrows and shake their heads?