Idea Sheet 08/12/20

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First Time Hearing – The Twins on YouTube hearing songs for the first time has taken off again. Their reaction to the classic rock track, “In The Air Tonight,” by Phil Collins was kinda awesome. Earlier they got some love from Dolly Parton after listening to her hit, “Jolene” for the first time. What have you not seen, heard or done that would surprise many?

Here’s a question no one might ask…why is it people get so excited when a couple of black kids like a piece of old white music? I do not have a degree in sociology…so what’s behind that? It’s a stereotype thing, isn’t it? You just don’t figure they would enjoy an old rock track?

Honestly, you want some HUGE website hits? Find a couple of senior citizens and get reaction video of them watching “WAP.” MASSIVE!

Talk to Gyno About WAP – Vulture or one of those online websites talked to an actual gyno about Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion’s “WAP. ” I’m not sure how you keep it clean and educational…or more importantly funny. Maybe you have women describe in terms of different categories. So, BODIES OF WATER, would be the obvious choice. One woman might say “The Mighty Mississipp” while her counter point might say like a “dried up creek bed.” Maybe WEATHER TERMS – Monsoon, hurricane, light drizzle or “move to higher ground, the levee’s gonna break.” CONVENIENCE STORE BEVERAGE CONTAINERS – 8 oz can of pop. 20 oz bottle. 64 oz Super Tanker. CLIMATES – High desert with an occasional monsoon…Amazon Rainforest, Seattle?

Historical AF – The fact that an African American/South Asian-American woman is on the presidential ticket for a major political party is huge. Like it or not, Kamala Harris being selected as Joe Biden’s running mate is a huge deal. I got a bit emotional when I saw photos from the late 60’s with Kamala and her mom…a cancer researcher. She’s in a traditional sari and I couldn’t help but think how amazing our country can be when we embrace diversity. I think of young women of color and what this might mean to them. I’m not sure if this will work on the air or not…but this is a major step in the right direction. I remember watching Michelle Obama’s documentary. She is sitting in an old church with numerous black women. One of the oldest of the group never thought she’d see the day when African Americans would occupy the White House. I just love it. Growing up, who did you see, that convinced you that you could do anything; be anything? Maybe it was someone that looked like you…that accomplished things even though they had a similar upbringing as you. Someone that connected with you as a kid…that inspired you to do or be who you are today. A little deep, I know.

The World’s Last Blockbuster – It’s in Bend, Oregon and it is now a 90’s themed AirBnB. Cool. I mean, back in the day Blockbuster was it. For you kids, it was like Netflix…except…you had to go to the actual store and hope that the movie you wanted was in…and initially it was on video cassette and sometimes the a-hole before you wouldn’t rewind it…and…awwww, memories. I’m not sure about the AirBnB part…but if you’re feeling nostalgic. If any room in the world could be turned into an AirBnB, where would you stay? I think I might pick my old bedroom when I was a kid…I want everything the way it was…my electric football game, assorted posters, the collection of Playboys under my bed. Or maybe somewhere famous…like being able to stay the night at your favorite team’s stadium or a celebrity’s house…where would your dream AirBnB be?

How Long Before You Stop Talking to Former Co-Workers? – So, my last day at the station was 12/31/19. It’s been more than seven months. I worked at the station for a very long time and over those years I have built some pretty serious friendships. When you leave a job you, obviously, have those acquaintances that you’ll probably never talk to again. You might see them on social media. But as far as hanging out or talking…those relationships fall by the wayside. On the other side of it, you have those friendships that continue. There are a few people that even after seven months, I still see. I still hang out with. I still communicate with on a regular basis. Then you have those people that fade away…the friendship was based on the repetition of seeing them as regularly as you see your own family. How long does it take before those relationships become completely irrelevant? In these situations are you the person that always seems to put out the effort to maintain the friendship? Were you ever shocked that your work friend disappeared after you stop working with them?