Idea Sheet 08/11/20

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Weddings – What are people doing/have done regarding 2020 weddings. I’m sure if you live in the midwest or the south, shit has gone on probably like normal. I saw a survey that found 93% of the couples say they’ve had to change some aspects of their wedding. 48% of people say they’d rather shrink their guest list than wait.  38% are willing to try to wait out the pandemic.  And 14% aren’t sure.

I was scheduled to officiate a wedding back in April…it was postponed and moved ’til October. I guess it has been moved again. I’m not really sure when the thing is.

A buddy of mine’s daughter was scheduled to get hitched on August 22nd They’ve canceled that, instead they’re doing a “mini-wedding” on, pretty much, the same date. Less guests. Less expense. However, are still planning on having the full on wedding sometime next year. What have you done with your wedding plans? Have you taken this as a sign that maybe you shouldn’t get married. Would you rather just get it done and screw the big wedding or to the contrary…will you wait so you can have the big wedding?

College Football on the Verge of Cancellation – At the writing of this, talks are that the Big 10 and Pac 12 are planning on postponing its seasons. The rest of the “Power 5,” the SEC, Big 12 & ACC have yet to announced their plans. Mid-major conferences the Mountain West and MAC, due to player health concerns, postponed their seasons until spring. The one thing I have figured out during this pandemic is that I can live without sports. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan. It might be that hockey’s back and the Golden Knights are in the playoffs and I can watch that, so my thirst is quenched. But, for me, if college football doesn’t make it this year…meh. Okay. See ya next year.

I have to believe there are a few of you with SOs that live and die with college football. What’s it been like living with a college football fan who may have to go without for another six-nine months? And now that that person has at least several hours freed up every Saturday, shall we begin making a list of shit that they can get done around the house? Yes. Yes, we can.

Are You Doing Back To School Shopping? – Even with remote learning, you’re still going to need pencils, crayons and whatnot. But what about back to school clothes shopping? My mom used to pack us kids up and head to JCPenney and do her best to outfit us with a couple of new “outfits.” That’s what she would call them. If your kids are distant learning, are you gonna still go through the back to school clothing ritual. With a lot of parents working from home and doing Zoom meetings…maybe you just buy your kids some new shirts. That’s it. Shirts.

I saw that one school was banning pajamas during distance learning. Hilarious, right? They’re going to enforce a dress code via Zoom. I can just imagine some 14 y/o girl in too short shorts being asked to stand up in front of the webcam and put her arms down along her sides. Because the shorts were higher than her fingertips, the teacher telling her to go change her shorts due to a dress code violation.

Have You Lost It In Public? – I’m ashamed to admit it but I went off on some dude in Walgreens yesterday. I wasn’t sure I was going to admit to it or not but…what the hell. So, I’m in the freezer case and I can’t find exactly what I want and I hear this dude expounding every conspiracy theory he can come up with. The Bill Gates vaccine has a microchip in it. He’s talking that COVID is made up to destroy Donald Trump. He’s wearing out the ear of this poor Walgreen’s employee. All the time, with his mask down under his nose.

So, my trigger was he starts complaining about a white guy that was killed by cops in Arizona. Cops responded to a noise complaint. Dude answered the door with a gun in his hand…turned around…they shot him in the back…Anyway, I digress. The dude in the Walgreens point was that the guy was white and was killed by police and no one’s protesting that. So, I shut the freezer door and said, “Yeah, because African Americans are killed by cops at a disproportionate rate. That’s why?!?! You and your conspiracy theories is what is wrong with America…and for the love of gawd, wear your mask correctly. It’s not that hard!” Now, I said a lot of others things to during my tirade. I can’t believe I did it. I became Karen, in a sense. No, it wasn’t directed at an essential worker or because I had to wear a mask…but…I eviscerated this dude. And why? He’s entitled to his ignorant-ass opinion. Snapped, man! Snapped. I’m fuggin’ embarrassed by it too.

Have you witnessed an in-store, in public meltdown? Have you lost your shit due to our current circumstances? I can also tell you the time I had some choice words for a MAGA hat wearing guy too.