Idea Sheet 08/10/20

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Black Eye – I was roughhousing with my nephew. He’s seven. I picked em and he straight head butted me. The crown of his head hit directly on the lower part of my right eye socket. It didn’t hurt all that bad but the swelling began immediately. It started at about pea sized and then grew and grew. I iced it immediately and the swelling went down pretty quickly. But I do have a shiner. I can’t tell you the last time I had a black eye. How did you get yours? Was it something playful? Was it something mischievous…or were you an idiot and kinda deserved it?

Another angle is how did a kid injure you? When someone asks me about my eye, I will jokingly say, “You should see the other guy. Um, he was seven.” Sometimes kids can do the worse damage.

Buddy Ratted Out On “Cheater” Website – My buddy is single. He’s always been a player. Yeah, he’s divorced and he has kids but, nonetheless, he’s single. Well, of the many women my buddy dates and/or has dated he pissed one of them off something fierce. She posted his name and ripped him a new one on some cheater website. I mean, destroyed him. Now, I get the anger. No one likes to feel like they’re being used or cheated on. But the level of vitriol on her post about him is next level…it’s a nuclear strike. Because of that, and NOT because I’m a man, I am a bit on his side. Now, I don’t know what promises he made to this woman. I don’t know what lies he may or may not have told…but her page long list of insults and criticisms was hardcore. Have you ever gone to a website like this to do research on someone you’re thinking of dating? Have you ever posted an expose on an ex on a site like this? Beyond website retaliation, what have you done to that ex when you found out he/she cheated?

COVID Violators – The Mrs. Nevada-America pageant was tonight at the Ahern Hotel. State regulators were confused as to how many people could be in the convention space. The organizers believed they were allowed a 50% occupancy…the state seemed to believe that it was 50 people or less. They interrupted the event and told them the crowd had to be less than 50. It really did look like they did everything to follow the rules. I don’t know what the rules…but if they’re violating it…good. Why can’t we just do what we have to do to get through this pandemic? If you saw an event that was violating pandemic laws…would you call the cops? Would you look the other way?

We Still Have Beauty Pageants – I’ll probably violate one of my own rules by saying this but why in 2020 do we still have pageants to judge women on their appearance? Now, my rule with so many things is, “If they’re not forcing me to do it, why do I give two shits?’ Ya know, like if pro athletes take a knee during the national anthem, okay. Are they forcing me to take a knee? No? Then it’s none of my business.

So, if women want to participate in pageants like this, who am I to say that they should or shouldn’t. But the other side of my brain is like why are we still putting women on stage in swim attire and ranking them. I guess Miss America is different, he says hesitantly, because it’s a scholarship pageant and talent is involved…from what I know about Miss U.S.A. it’s just about finding the next Maxim model. Beauty pageants – outdated or hell yeah?