Idea Sheet 08/07/20

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Thighland – Believe it or not, I’m not going to make fun of our president even though he called Thailand, “Thighland.” It is hilarious though. Even more hilarious than mispronouncing Yosemite the other day. Let’s be honest, the guy does public speaking all the time…he’s reading off a speech or a teleprompter all the time. He’s bound to make a mistake like that every once in awhile. I’m not so much defending him, I’m just pointing out a statistical reality. If you have any friends in your market that are on local TV, get them on. Ask them what slip ups they’ve made. You can search YouTube and find hundreds, I’m sure. Ya know, local anchors saying the wrong word. Hell, we’ve all done it. Get listeners in on it…when they misspoke…said the wrong word(s) with a hilarious outcome.

Goodbye Tik Tok – According to the president’s executive order, Tik Tok will be banned in the United States barring a sale to an American company. Now, the argument for a Tik Tok ban is that China is gleaning serious personal information from Americans…like a security threat. The other side of it is Trump’s mad that Tik Tok users make him look foolish on the regular. <See Sarah Cooper> What will you miss if Tik Tok disappears? If it does…what the app, that might be similar, that is the immediate go to? Or, tell us why you won’t miss Tik Tok one bit. I won’t miss the dances. That’s played out for me…I also won’t miss the Tik Tok rabbit holes I venture into and three hours later come out going, “GD, I had shit to do today!”

Dress Code – So, you may have read about this Georgia high school. They’re back in school three days a week, full on, in person learning and by the looks of some pics posted on social media about 10% of the kids are wearing masks. These pics are of a normal, crowded high school hallway. It’s crazy. The superintendent of the school district has been quoted as saying, “Wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them.” You enforce a dress code, don’t you? How many girls have been sent home because their shorts were too short? Ya stand there hands along your sides. If the shorts were higher than the middle of your middle finger. Busted. Yet, this clown can’t enforce the wearing of masks. A couple of things – when were you sent home for a dress code violation. What were you wearing?

Also, the kids that took the photos of the crowded hallways and posted them online have been suspended for violating the school’s code of conduct. You could go with, “What stupid thing did you do to get suspended from school?” I, with others, egged the Placer High basketball bus. They were our rivals. They deserved it. I got five days on campus suspension because somebody was a rat.