Idea Sheet 08/06/20

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What Did You Love Until You Started Working There? – I imagine that after a few months at Cold Stone, you could give two shits about ice cream. Has this happened to you…where, maybe, you see behind the curtain, and you’re like, “Unh-uh, I ain’t eatin’ that.” I have a friend who had become a workout fiend. She did a 60 day challenge followed by a separate 75 day challenge…hiking, biking, lifting. Then she got a job at a gym and she hasn’t worked out for some time.

Sauces – I had a full on argument that In n Out spread is, basically, thousand island dressing. She kept telling me no, that it was different. Okay, it’s mayo, ketchup and relish…that’s thousand island dressing. I’ll tell you this much. I don’t like it. When I order a double double it’s without the spread. It’s low hanging fruit but people love their sauces…Raisin’ Canes sauce may be my #1. Chick-fil-A’s might be 1A, right? And, no, I don’t order Big Macs ever…cuz of the thousand island dressing. Don’t @ me.

High School Kids & Corona – I don’t know if you saw the pics from that Georgia high school. Typical cramped high school hallway and most of the kids don’t have masks. The superintendent claimed that he was working on ways to discourage the kids from congregating. Um, yeah, high school kids not hanging out. Good luck. Masks are not mandatory at the school. Does this give you pause? We all know kids are idiots and outbreak monkeys…what are you telling your kids about the pandemic and protecting themselves and others? Any words of wisdom that worked on your kids?

Erasing the Gram – Rumor has it Jay Cutler deleted his Instagram after his ex Kristin Cavallari reignited her relationship with Stephen Colletti. I am sure plenty of you have muted or blocked exes after a breakup. Anyone go so far to just erase the account just to get away from the person. I can understand that seeing pics of your ex with someone else so soon would get to you. What have you found to be the most effective way to exorcise the ex from your social media life? (Is creating troll accounts and screwing with them allowed?) Has anyone fabricated an amazing post-break up life on social media that was simply all smoke and mirrors?

More Instagram Drama – So Megan Fox posts a pic with new boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly with the text – “Achingly beautiful boy – My heart is yours.” They’re both in towels. She has a bikini top. He’s topless. So, Brian Austin Green posts a pic of his four sons, three of which are Megan’s with the caption, “Achingly beautiful boys. My heart is yours.” Ouch! Anyone take the custody battle to social media…or is that just a celebrity thing to do? Have you had your social media posts played out in court…because you took it to the ex on Insta?