Idea Sheet 08/04/2020

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What To Do About the New Step Mom – (Maybe do this in two parts) My ex-husband has been married now for nearly nine months. After spending time with him and his new wife, I fully expect the kids to come home with complaints. I think everyone in this type of situation expects that. So, you try and work through them. You try and listen and figure out the best solution. Even though they are my kids does not mean they are right 100% of the time. However, yesterday, my eight y/o son came home with the report that his new stepmom has been calling him…um…the “F” word…but the slur for homosexuals. Obviously, that has to stop immediately. My first instinct is to call over there and rip her a new one…followed by not allowing my son to spend time over there until that behavior is recognized as unacceptable and there is a guarantee that it will never happen again. Instead I talked to my ex and he did exactly what a guy in a new marriage would do…tried to minimize what she said. Oh, she said it…but his excuse was, “Well that word doesn’t mean the same thing to her. It just means ‘idiot’ or ‘wimp.'” I nearly lost it! My son is not going over there until this is resolved. I had one friend tell me I was being dramatic. My gawd!!!

Getting a Refund – I don’t need to point this out I suppose but the COVID has f’d everything up. You had a gym membership but you couldn’t use the gym. You shouldn’t have to pay for that, right? But, for the most part, gyms or open and have been here in Las Vegas. I had a friend who works at a gym tell me that a guy came in and demanded a refund for the last two months. My buddy was like, “We were open. You could have come to work out.” And the customer was like…but I didn’t. I should get a refund. Now, a lot of businesses have bent over backwards, gyms included, to try and make things right with their customers. But this guy was rejected. What little things have you tried to take advantage of because of the pandemic? (More on this below.) Did you try and get a refund or capitalize on something even though you knew it wasn’t completely necessary? What was it…what did you do? How did the company in question respond.

Car Payment – I have a lease and back when I had a job paying that payment was no big deal. Now, seven months of unemployment in that payment may be the death of me. Like many companies, they offered a three month deferment. Basically, those three months just get moved to the end of the lease. I figured, I’ll save the cash over those 90 days because, I’ll have a job by the time that’s done. Nope. I called the finance company and asked what options they could offer. The first was an additional month of deferment. Cool. The second was get someone to take over the lease…like a family member or friend. However, I would still be responsible for the lease. (And I don’t trust anyone I know not to somehow screw me over.) The other option was to turn the car in and they would try and resell it. But I would be responsible for the balance of what was owed. I figured that option would just give the dealership to sell the car to a friend at a really low price…because I would be footing the rest of the bill anyway. I joked with the woman and said, “I think the best option is to not make the payments and then make you try and find the car.” She did not find that funny. What are you doing regarding car payments in the f’d up economy we have? Have you battled repo man? Have you not paid and hid your car? How long before they finally caught up to you. I did have a neighbor, years ago, who asked if he could park his car in my garage for awhile. Nah. Good luck, kid.

The Catch Phrase Challenge – I saw an article on MSN and thought this might be fun…especially if you can scour YouTube for the actual audio. This may be for an older demo though…I don’t know of any catch phrases in any recent shows. I’m probably wrong. I don’t know…five in :30 seconds or something?

That’s What She Said – Michael Scott “The Office.”

Dy-no-mite! – JJ “Good Times”

D’Oh – Homer Simpson “The Simpsons”

Bazinga – Sheldon Cooper “Big Bang Theory”

How you doin’? – Joey “Friends”

Ayyyy! – The Fonz “Happy Days”

Oh my God, they killed Kenny – usually Stan “South Park”

Bam! – Emiril “Emiril Live”