Idea Sheet 08/03/2020

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Dirty Shoes – One look at me and you have to know I’m not too picky. I’m not much to look at it. I’m most comfortable in a vintage soft cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans. But, if single, I may have found something that might be a red flag. Dirty shoes. So, at local Farmers Market I notice this girl…spring dress…hair looks cute…she’s petite and has an athletic body. Then I look down and her shoes are filthy. She’s wearing Toms…which I think is cool but they look horrible. While the color matches with the rest of her ensemble, they’re covered in dirt and stained. I’m like, yuck. Male or female, is this are dirty shoes, a bad sign. I’m not a clean freak. I’m not. But I also wonder about hot girls and messy cars or messy apartments. (They do seem to go hand in hand, by the way.) Can you overlook dirty shoes?

I Look Better with a Mask On – I came to this startling revelation yesterday when I met some friends out for a drink. Yeah, I, must be an “eye guy.” I looked in the mirror and I was like…yeah, you cover up the bottom half of my face and I’m not too bad. I asked my friends if this was the case and they were diplomatic, at best. Doesn’t everyone look hotter with a mask on? Is it the sense of mystery of what is to be revealed? Does the mask draw one to the other person’s eyes first…and…hardly anyone has ugly eyes, right? Maybe post pics of everyone on the show with a mask and ask if maybe a mask should be a permanent part of that person’s ensemble. haha

I Just Want Normal – My Song of the Week on Friday was titled just that. It talks about all the things, even the irritating things, that I wish I could go back to just for a sense of normalcy. Honestly, a crowded bar and the smell of cigarette smoke. I’ll even take the cackle of that one drunk woman at the end of the bar with it. Would you, happily, go back to that job that you hated…just because it would be normal? What “normal” things would you just like to have back…even if for a day.

Ellen Is Da Devil – The allegations of mistreatment does not shock me whatsoever. Now, I don’t know Ellen. I’ve never worked for her but I have worked with people that on the outside…to the public…were esteemed and well-respected. But behind the scenes, they were complete assholes. Fake and wrapped up in their own insecurities. I noticed something small when she was on “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” If I remember correctly, Jerry had expressed his apathy toward something. For a brief moment, you could see it on Ellen’s face that she was not pleased and wanted Jerry to pay for the comment. It was quick but I still remember it. Have there been any celebrities that you’ve met or gotten to know that are not what they seem? Maybe not even a celebrity…a co-worker, a boss…somebody in a position of power who comes across saintly…but in real life…they is the devil.

Real Housewives of the Pandemic – I don’t know what this means but it sounds like there might be something there. Maybe a video with married staff members…one having a fit because her husband works from home and NEVER leaves…I don’t know. Spitballin’.