Idea Sheet 07/29/2020

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Indian Matchmaker – I watched the first couple of episodes on Netflix. I guess the controversy around the show is regarding about the culture’s caste system, misogyny and colorism. I’m not a reality TV guy and certainly not a dating show guy…but what attracted me to it was the cultural aspect. I love seeing the differences. Arranged marriages aren’t called that in India…there are marriages and love marriages. The matchmaking part is interesting though. These singles actually contact Sima the “top matchmaker in Mumbai” to find a mate. I can’t imagine you have anyone listening that was part of an arranged marriage…but if you do…cool. How about being hooked up my matchmaker? Pretty slim chance of that too…but everyone has been fixed up right? Was it your mom, best friend, co-worker? Who tried to play the role of matchmaker? Did it work out? Was it a disaster?

Does Anyone Give Two Shits About the Emmys? – I’ll put a “x” by the shows I’ve actually seen. After review, there are some good shows out there that I haven’t even bothered with as of yet. I’ve seen every episode of the one’s I ‘x’d” and none of the others. “What We Do In The Shadows,” is friggin’ awesome. Is there a show on this list that you think is just total shit? And while I think younger demos don’t care about awards shows as much as older types…maybe it’s a bit different this year…the pandemic has forced us to watch things we probably wouldn’t have. Are we missing anything here? Is three a show that should be on the list, that we, and all the critics, have all missed out on. How about “The Morning Show”?

Outstanding Drama Series.

Better Call Saul
x – The Crown
The Handmaid’s Tale
Killing Eve
x – The Mandalorian
x – Ozark
x – Stranger Things

Outstanding Comedy Series

x – Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dead to Me
The Good Place
x – The Kominsky Method
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
x – Schitt’s Creek
x – What We Do In the Shadows

F— ‘Em, Do What You Want – A study out of Switzerland claims the key to being happy is pretty much saying “f— it” and doing something without worry of the consequences. I guess, self-control is important but every now and then you just have to live life to the fullest and not worry about the bad that may come of it. My first wife would disagree with this. When did you throw caution to the wind and say screw the consequences? How did it turn out?