Idea Sheet 07/28/2020

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Testicle Festival – I’m not making it up. They’ll be having one in Fredricksburg, Texas this Saturday. Pandemic be damned. You can get fried turkey, lamb and veal testes. I’m not sure why…but we eat a cow’s ass, tongue and stomach lining so why not. It got me to thinking about small little festivals. In the town you grew up, what was yours? What do you remember about it? I guess in Wisconsin there’s fest build around a cow chip throwing contest. In Ohio they have one based on Duck Tape. Tell us about yours.

No Social Media – A friend of mine had a small party at her house. Maybe 15 people tops at any given time. Now, with Coronavirus, gatherings like this are frowned upon, right? I mean, you’re not going to mask up around friends and while you can try to be mindful of social distancing but you’re all friends. Really? What I thought was interesting is the host was less mindful of the fear of getting COVID and more concerned about being shamed for having a party. So, an emphatic NO SOCIAL MEDIA announcement was made to everyone. She even took three of her friends’ phones because she couldn’t trust them not to post something on Insta.

The Morning Show – A little late to the game, I admit. But I just finished the Jennifer Aniston-Reese Witherspoon drama on Apple TV. I thought it was pretty amazing. If you haven’t seen it…it’s #MeToo inspired and there’s a lot of drama behind the scenes of a “Today” type network wake up show. Obviously, the scandal on the show is huge and Matt Lauer-esque but all workplaces have drama. Tell us about your biggest workplace scandal. Back in the day one of our old timey sales women and one of our old timey engineers went at it…making out during an in-office holiday party.

Toxic Work Environment – A Buzzfeed article alleged that working on Ellen is rough…said it was a toxic work environment. All the normal stuff like fear of reprisals if you complained…that kind of thing. I haven’t seen anything directly pointed at Ellen DeGeneres but there’s an internal investigation going on. It wouldn’t surprise me though. I don’t know. I think Ellen is probably pretty difficult…maybe all celebs with that level of fame and pressure are. On the surface they seem amazing…but which celebrities would you definitely not wanna work for…like…you’re pretty sure they are a disaster or would be total assholes?