Idea Sheet 07/27/2020

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Playful Fun? – My wife and I had dinner with another couple over the weekend. They have been married for some time and seem to have a pretty good marriage. My wife and I both noticed that he was playfully jabbing at her; making fun of the way she eats and the amount of wine she drinks. It’s pretty normal. Harmless joking and whatnot…but it seemed more over the top than usual. A couple of times, my wife noticed her giving him a look like, “Okay. Enough,” But he persisted. My wife said she was going to talk to her about it and ask if everything was okay. I told her to mind her own businesses. She asked me to question him about it and I’m like no way, man. 

Ditka – Old schoolerformer Chicago Bears coach and player, Mike Ditka said, “If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country.” Now, along with our president and a lot of old dudes it’s a popular sentiment. Have you had to deal with this with your dad or grandpa? How do you deal with it? Do you argue? Do you roll your eyes and excuse their attitude due to their age? I have a friend who was at constant odds with her dad about the kneeling during the anthem drama…so at home during last season, she took a knee during the national anthem. Her dad got out of his chair and stood up. 

Protesting – A small number of people, percentage-wise, have been to a protest or are protesting presently. Regardless, some have said that BLM protests is the largest protest movement in the history of the country. Have you ever protested anything? Did you join marches here recently or have your protests been more internal. For instance, as a high schooler, I wrote a letter to the editor protesting that the American flag was being kept atop a flagpole in front of the library over night with out a light. I did. I’ve also had quiet protests against a certain local furniture store and a particular credit card company. I also read about a 10 year old who wrote a letter when they switched up the way the My Little Ponies looked. What has your small protest been about?

Public Apology  –“I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for going public with something that was a private matter,” Kanye West shared on Twitter on Sunday. Do only celebrities do the apology via social media? Have you ever done a public apology? Say you messed up your anniversary, do you go on Insta and make amends via that platform. Regardless of the internet, have you ever had to make a public apology…at work…at school…in some setting where you felt, or were forced, to apologize to someone or a group of people at the same time? If you f’d up and your SO demanded a social media apology, would you do it?

Minnesota Swastika Mask – Did you see the old couple (shocking) at a Minnesota Walmart wearing swastika masks. I know there’s freedom and speech and all…are you allowed to punch them in the face? Seriously, isn’t wearing something like that demanding that you hit em in their cake hole. I certainly wouldn’t mind it.