Idea Sheet 07/24/2020

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Do You, Would You Miss it? – With this pandemic there could be a giant number of well known businesses that bite the dust. Papyrus, Pier One, Brio Italian restaurants, even True Religion has filed for bankruptcy. Some of these brands are already gone or are in the early stages of disappearing. Are you going to miss any of them in particular. Of the many stores like Sears and whatnot who have closed down, are there any that you truly miss or has Amazon made shopping so easy, you don’t miss any of em. Here’s a story about stores that may close soon.

The Most Beautiful Spot You’ve Ever Been? – While getting ready to get a new phone, I went through the pics that are on my current phone and I stumbled across some photos from a trip to Japan. My wife and I visited their in early 2019 and I have shots of a bamboo forest outside of Kyoto that might be the most beautiful, almost haunting, spot I’ve ever seen. How about you? Where is that one place you went that the beauty blew you away?

Billy On The Street – I was watching Eichner’s show earlier today and I saw this bit that could, easily, on the air. With Rashida Jones, he passionately read a rant from a celebrity…in full voice…and Rashida had to guess who the celebrity was. You might be able to do this with outrageous celebrity Tweets…read them with passion and make it multiple choice.

Ellen & Portia’s Place Robbed – They have a huge place in Montecito, outside of Santa Barbara. I guess some expensive jewelry and watches were snatched. Don’t they got themselves a Ring doorbell system or something? The only time, knock on wood, my house was burglarized was an apartment in San Jose, CA when I was a kid. 210 Teak Grove Ct, I believe was the address. We came home and caught the guy in the act. Now, we were poor and didn’t have shit. I can’t remember what he got away with. My mom, though, was freaked out. Not because we were robbed but because someone was in her house. It ooked her out something fierce. Have you been burgled? Maybe, in a previous life, you were a burglar. What was stolen? What did you steal?

Don’t F*** with AOC – I am not a woman. I have not suffered the indignity of male chauvinism. Except for some instances with a, condescending, egomaniacal co-worker, I haven’t been talked down to. Florida Rep. Ted Yoho snapped off on the wrong woman the other day on the steps of our nation’s capital. Reports are that he called her “disgusting” and a “f***ing bitch.” AOC would not let it stand and on the house floor destroyed Yoho. In watching it, I was strangely proud of her stand and eloquence. For women only, can you tell us about a time, another woman completely inspired you.