Idea Sheet 07/23/20

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My Niece Is an Anti-Masker – I’m watching my 9 y/o niece and she decides to tell me that she will not be going back to school if she has to wear a mask because a mask is stuffy. I don’t doubt that the mask is stuffy. I think we can all agree that the mask is stuffy. We wear it to protect others and to slow the spread yada, yada, yada. But you and I both know that her statement was directly related to my conservative butthole brother-in-law who won’t shut on Facebook how he will NOT wear a mask. The “it violates my rights” argument is his favorite. I did my best to educate Natalie about why we wear masks when we go out. She understood and when she and I went to Target she didn’t complain once about how her mask was “stuffy.” I can’t wait to get the phone call from the BIL telling me to stop filling his daughter’s head with left wing nonsense.

Time To Pull Back on the Bragging? – There are a ton of people hurting financially right now. I read somewhere that 1/3 of Americans will fail to make their mortgage payment next month. Wow! I see Kim Kardashian posting about her herd of horses on their ranch…expensive such-an-such horses and I’m like…yeah, I get it, KUWTK, they live a life none of us ever will but is it cool to kind of rub it in our faces. Case in point, my brother just bought a 43 foot yacht…I guess over 40 feet and you can call it a yacht. Okay, this thing cost as much as a really, really, really nice house. I’m proud of him. It’s great. But do you have to post pics and brag about it on social media? Congrats you’re successful…but mom lives in a trailer park. Ya know? Or maybe I’m completely wrong and showing off wealth in a time of an economic recession is still cool.

1D Is 10 Years Old – I never really got into them “What Makes You Beautiful” was a good track. Harry Styles seems to be doing things lately. As far as boy bands go…where do they rank? N*Sync, Backstreet, BTS, Jackson Five, 98 Degrees, JoBros etc.?

Odd Jobs – I’ve been out of work for nearly seven months now. I haven’t had to, at present time, drive Uber or deliver food or anything like that. Most of the the things I’m doing to make some cash are related to my field. I’ve sold freelance comedy. I’ve produced some videos. I’ve written and produced some commercials. I’ve even been asked to pen a jingle for a former listener’s company. All cool. What have you had to do to make some money while out of work. I’m not mocking anyone. You gotta do what you gotta do. Can someone confess that they had to do some kinda fucked up shit to get by?

Safe COVID Sex – I’m sure, in your timeline, you saw the info from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control regarding safe sex during a pandemic. One of the suggestions from the freaky deaky Canadians was to do a glory hole. If you don’t know what that it is. Look it up. Anyone out there so concerned with catching the coronavirus but also so horny that they would resort to this…a hole in a wall? Just need one story. Just ONE!