Idea Sheet 07/22/20

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Crazy Momtestors – Seeing the “Wall of Moms” at the peaceful Portland BLM rallies it made me think of what craziness your mom…or as a mom, you got into. Now, I don’t think what they’re doing is particularly “crazy” but it’s not something that would be considered typical. If you have an entertaining mom, get her on the air and ask her what was the craziest thing she ever did. Not really selling the bit well when I tell you my mom couldn’t come up with one thing. She said, “marry your father.” Well, that was pre-mom.

If not BLM or federal forces  is a good enough reason, what would your mom actually go out and protest. You might be able to find some funny answers to that one.

Round Two – With it, seemingly, likely that our country, or at the very least, certain states could regress to “shelter and stay” orders – What did you learn from the last quarantine? What can you do better? How will you manage it better? Did you accomplish something in the first quarantine? Do you have any quarantine goals? Here’s a list of 100 things you could do.

I have a friend who really got into plants…houseplants. Her whole house is like a fucking botanical garden now.

Amazon Purchases – During the last lockdown…did you purchase anything that, now when you look at it, you go, WTF was I thinking? I don’t have a job. So, I’m not buying a lot more than necessities but my wife, who is working, is seemingly trying to make it onto Amazon’s Top Ten Customers list. She bought this “chair-hammock” thing. Obviously, I had to build it and because it’s a thousand degrees outside in Vegas, she’s not using it. We (she) did buy an 85″ TV. No complaints on that one. She also bought a cell phone projector…you put your phone in a box with a magnifying glass and it’s supposed to show what’s on your phone on the wall…terrible waste of money. Obviously, it was a waste. What did you buy?

Baseball Yeah or Nay? – Opening Day, for lack of a better name, is Thursday, right? I used to be a huge baseball fan but I find the game exceptionally boring…they need to speed that shit up. Are you excited to watch some live sport with real professional athletes? I know the Premier League (soccer) has been going for a few weeks. The piped in crowd noise seems comical to me…but it sound realistic. I haven’t decided whether not having crowds in the stands affects my enjoyment whatsoever. I don’t know if I just adjust easier than most…but…I haven’t missed sports whatsoever. How about you? Game changer or ho hum?

If any of the major sports were to go away…which one would you miss the most?

Schools Going Distance Schooling – Here in Vegas CCSD (Clark Co. School District) announced they’re going to begin the 20-21 school year with full time distance learning. So, for a lot of working parents this is going to be a challenge. How do you stay home with the kids if both parents have jobs outside the home? We all know day care is not happening. How is your family planning to manage when your kids head back to school…at home?