Idea Sheet 03/31/20

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What do you force your SO to watch? – I read that Justin Verlander made Kate Upton watch his no-hitter on opening day. I make my wife watch every shitty video I produce…she in turn forces me to watch every true life crime show on TV in including, but not limited to, “48 Hours,” “Homicide Hunter Joe Kenda” and “Fear Thy Neighbor.”

Shouting Out Customer Service – I don’t know what you wanna call it it’s a nice feel good…Allow listeners to give some love to anybody out there that’s still working and keeping shelves stocked, working registers, delivering packages…whatever job they’re doing to keep things rolling

Lola was awesome at the front register at Walgreens when I went in for some essentials. So was Danlynn at Albertsons. I told them I appreciated them. Why not give em some love on the air?

Famous Tiger Game – Yeah, I know, not exactly the greatest bit ever…but I’ll be listeners would enjoy it…start with Joe Exotic….Tiger King

Famous golfer…Tiger Woods Frosted Flakes…Tony the Tiger |
Winnie the Pooh…Tigger Walking Dead…Shiva
Calvin’s cartoon buddy…Hobbes Kung Fu Panda…Master Tigress
Masters of the Universe…Battle Cat Cincinatti’s football team…Bengals
Detroit baseball…Tigers White Tiger that ate Roy…Mantecore

What Celebrity Would You Like to Be Quarantined With? – For me, hands down, Giada De Laurentiis. Easy choice. She’s hot and she’s smart and she can cook. I mean, she’s a celebrity chef…not because she’s a woman. Nothing sexist about it…I mean, I’ll cook. If she wants mac n’ cheese with hot dogs…Also she knows her wine pairing…and did I mention that she is also HOT?

Enough Already! – You’ve been stuck for many hours at your house with your family. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other better, right? Tell us what you’ve learned…that maybe you kind of knew…but now it has been confirmed. For example, my daughter is actually more lazy than I thought she was. My 5 y/o niece can work the Xbox, ya know for streaming and whatnot, waaaaaaaaay better than I can.