Idea Sheet 03/30/20

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Your Quarantine Name – You probably saw this on socials as well…fun game to play on the air…Your quarantine name is the last snack you had followed by your high school mascot. I will now be known as Lasagna Miner.

Tiger King – I knew a reptile guy. I nearly had sex with a monkey lady. My only experience with big cat folk, is through the Netflix docuseries. My conclusion is that exotic pet people are friggin’ weird. They all are a bit off. You can’t tell me that the dude that loves snakes and has his apartment outfitted mainly for his ball python and gets pleasure feeding him pinkies.

  • So, the question would be could you ever fall in love with an exotic pet person? You know those animals will always come first.
  • Let’s say you fell in love with one of these exotics types…would you rather he/she be a reptile type, monkey fan or big cat lover? Which, if not all, would be an absolute “no”?
  • At one point does the exotic pet thing get out of hand? A.) When your house has more varmints than humans? B.) When you start breeding them for sale? C.) When the varmints get more affection than your significant other. D.) When one of the animals attempts to eat, strangle, murder etc.?

Tiger King Word Play Game – Simple. Every answer has “King” in it. The contestant must come up with the fill in the blank…i.e. Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Netflix….Answer, duh, TIGER King

Possible Clues Answer

Whopper, fast food… BURGER King

Disney, animated, Mustafah… LION King

Titanic, Leonado Dicaprio, movie… King OF THE WORLD

Civil Rights, holiday, African-American… MARTIN LUTHER King JR.

Giant ape, movie, Jack Black… King KONG

Author, horror, Pet Cemetery… STEPHEN King

Broadway, musical, Rogers & Hammerstein… THE King AND I

Michael Jackson… King OF POP

Rolls, bread, islands, sweet… King’s HAWAIIAN