Idea Sheet 03/20/20

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QuaranTwins – I don’t know if this is a thing or not…but…I think it could be a viral thing on Insta. You and your girlfriend/BFF/boyfriend etc. take pics while stuck in your own house in similar clothes, poses or situations and you post them side by side with the #QuaranTwins or #QuaranTwinning. And…it also sounds like a shitty sitcom on NBC.

I Never Knew That Irritated Me – Now that families and live-ins, wives and husbands are spending a whole helluva lot of time together in the same confined space, a few little irritations have had to surface.

I had an ex-girlfriend that could not stand the sound of teeth on a utensil. I didn’t do it often but it was something that I wasn’t even aware of. That would be an example of something you may have overlooked but now after a few days of hearing the same thing over and over…it might want you to suffocate your SO.

  • If you’ve been in some relative isolation with family or SOs, what is beginning to really get on your nerves?
  • Have you begun to ask yourself, “How the hell do I live with person?”
  • What have you learned about your SO or your kids that maybe you had zero idea about until you were stuck together in the house for a consistent amount of time?
  • What part of your normal day-to-day routine…besides going to work or school has been completely altered and is driving you nuts?

Corona Deniers – They’re still out there. Did I read that an Alaska congressman still believes it’s a hoax and is encouraging constituents to continue with their lives as normal? A friend of mine witnessed a 60+ year old at a drug store announce to everyone that Corona was all bullshit and due to the media. Where do these people come from?

  • Do you still have a denier in your circle of friends? What do they say? What do you say to them…is it a live and let live type attitude or is it, “Hey, asshole, you’re going to kill someone’s grandma!”