Idea Sheet 03/19/20

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Self-Quarantining Rock Bottom – While in my house for the umpteenth hour, I found myself, like most, scouring social media. I ended up checking Insta and found a friend doing a live video. I don’t know why but I clicked on it and she was in her backyard, shaving her dog…not just her dog but her dog’s ass. I kept watching. That was when I realized I had, after only three days of lockdown, hit rock bottom.

  • Have you hit quarantine rock bottom yet? Have you come close? What have you found yourself doing or watching that you would have never though you would take part in?

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt – You give someone on the show a list of items, food or otherwise, and he/she has one hour to find all of them all. Now, for some, this might be a bit touchy. It may not work for everybody. Maybe you take bets from listeners as to how many items he/she will be able to find. In the end, all of the food and items would be donated to a local food bank.

Celebrating During a Quarantine – A friend of ours is a big birthday person. She loves partying and celebrating her birthday. Under the current situation, that kind of socialization is frowned upon. So, her husband figured a way to give her a surprise birthday party. A FaceTime birthday party. Apparently, you can log in up to 32 people at one time. He called all of us and had us mute our phones…counted us down 3-2-1…we unmuted and yelled, “Surprise!!!” Absolutely wonderful in creativity and execution.

  • What creative ways have you found some form of normalcy with so many of your friends and family self-quarantined?
  • What creative things have you come up with to keep the kids occupied? This ain’t like summer vacation where you can ship ’em to grandma’s for a week. Y’all stuck with em.

What’s in This Box? – I have found myself Marie Kondoing my garage. I have been looking through boxes I hadn’t checked out in years. I found fancy high school certificates? I found my first ever tax return, a letter to the editor I wrote back in high school…tons of memories. Obviously, was not able to part with any of them making the exercise completely useless.

  • In your effort to Coronavirus Clean your house, what mysterious or interesting items did you come up with?
  • Might be fun, for those broadcasting from home, to play< “What’s In This Box.” Either unveil shit in a box you haven’t checked in a minute or have a couple of items and describe them to see if listeners or your co-hosts can figure out what it is.