Idea Sheet 03/11/20

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The Touch My Face Game – It’s hard not to touch your face. We’ve heard over and over and over again that that is one of the keys to Coronavirus prevention. Maybe you have your producer monitor the show and hit a bell every time someone on the show touches their face. Or perhaps, secretly, they do it and reveal to the unknowing host or co-host how many times one of them touched their own faces during the show.

Washing Your Hands After… – First of all, if you don’t wash your hands after using the toilet, you’re a barbarian. Second, if you, knowing what’s going on with COVID-19, still don’t wash your hands you were raised by wolves. Can you call someone out for NOT washing their hands? I was at a VGK game the other night and dude walked in, peed, walked out, no washy washy. Would anyone actually say to the guy, “Hey, maybe wash your hands?” How about at work? We used to have a GM that behind his back we called him Colonel PeeKnuckle. He never washed his hands after using the bathroom. Can you call out a co-worker or do you do like most co-workers do and talk mad shit behind their back?

No Kids for Katy – In a recent article Katy said that just a few years ago she didn’t want to have kids. But she worked on herself to become ready to be a mom.

  • What flipped the switch for you that made you want to have kids? You may have swore up and down that you didn’t want any…what happened that changed your mind? Was it some event…or…was it just that biological clock?
  • Who out there does NOT want to have kids…or…is older and has never had kids…why? What are you reasons? Any regrets?

Spring Cleaning Finds – I’m trying to clean up and Marie Kondo my garage a bit. I found some treasures that I don’t know I can get rid of. I found my first tax return. No Shit? I made a little over $3,000 the first year out of high school. I found a bunch of high school sports certificates and a binder full of baseball cards. I looked through them and while I’m not going to get rich, I probably have a few hundred bucks worth of cards in there.

  • What did you find when you cleaned out the closet, garage or some box you’ve moved from one spot to another?
  • I also found a grip of Corporate Challenge medals. Local companies compete in every sport imaginable. What is the most unusual thing you have found while spring cleaning?

Replace Your Toothbrush, Bro – I’m not in charge of tooth brush replacement. In our household, that task belongs to the wife. I fear, however, if she didn’t do it…I would hang onto the same toothbrush the same way I hang onto underwear…for years. We had a producer who could not remember the last time he switched out his toothbrush. More than two years was the best estimation he could come up with. So ya know, The ADA recommendation is to replace it every three months. Gross.

  • What do you have around the house that you know should be replaced but you keep on keepin‘ on? (Toothbrush, air filters, underwear, sheets, towels…)

I Have a Very High Sex Drive – (Dude late 20’s) So, we’re on a first date. It’s going okay. We’re getting to know one another. The typical, if not boring questions and statements carry us through dinner. She has a dog. I have a dog. I went to UNLV. She graduated from ASU. Then, out of the blue she declares, “I have a high sex drive.” In my head, I came up with a dozen different responses but fumbled out something, incredibly stupid. She didn’t really elaborate. The date ended, very traditionally, a pleasant kiss, slightly more than a peck. 

No sex. So, WTH, man?  The questions are piling up.

  • Did she make that statement to test my response? 
  • Was it something matter of fact like I need you to know this, “I’m Catholic and I want to raise my kids as such.”Is she like a sex addict but for some reason she didn’t want to have sex withme?​
  • Do I want to date a sex addict? Can I keep up? Or will she just be sleeping around with everyone.
  • Am I destined to disappoint…I mean a high sex drive girl has had to have a lot of experience…can I match up…I mean, I’ll give it a shot but…
  • Can you really have a committed, monogamous relationship with someone who proclaims they have a “high sex drive?”