Idea Sheet 03/09/2020

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Katy Perry’s Baby Bump – I imagine the world is different for a pregnant celebrity. I mean, if you’re pregnant are you hiding the baby bump. I read an article that listed all the things Katy used to hide the fact that she was pregnant. Carrying a big purse…loose fitting clothing,

  • Did you have to hide it? Why did you have to hide it? Anything ingenious you did to hide your pregnancy?

Kylie Jenner’s Toes Have Nicknames? – What? She has proclaimed that she has “cute ass feet” and because they’ve been seen by the entire world so many times, she named them. Tess, Teague, Tia, Trix…etc. It’s kind of funny…unless you can’t stand the KUWTK crew…then it’s nauseating.

  • I kinda like cute feet. I used to have this thing for Giata, the celebrity chef, her feet…adorable. But it’s not a fetish or anything. I just can appreciate cute feet. Anyone the opposite and are repulsed by feet?
  • Do you have a body part that you have given a name to? I have a friend who named her breasts Harry & Lloyd. The joke that went along with it was when a guy saw one of her boobs they’d get dumb…see both and they would get even dumber.

Coronavirus – While it’s still a bit of punchline for the vast majority of Americans who are unaffected by it. It is rather serious. I’m not sure what the temperature of the room is in regards to it. The real jokes have turned on the preppers who are ransacking Costcos and Targets for toilet paper and bottled water.

Maybe too late in the game, or too insensitive, for Coronavirus Survival Kits – mask, Purell, bottled water and TP…Do you give your cases of bottled water or packs of toilet paper out as prizes?

Stop Crying! – My boyfriend of a year is a crier. I knew this the second he started weeping at the end of A Star Is Born. ​​Ya know when the dog whimpers outside the garage. Anyway, He cries at everything. Deaf girl hears mother’s voice for the first time…tears. He’s loving, intuitive, empathetic. I’ve never dated a man like that before. However, the other night he started crying after sex. AFTER. SEX. I asked, “Are you crying?” He admitted that he was and he said that he really cared about me and that our lovemaking was beautiful and it was just a bit overwhelming, that’s all. First of all, “lovemaking”? I believe men should express themselves, I do. But, honestly, there is a line, isn’t there?

Sexy Readings – I was looking back through bits and I had forgotten that we did this bit. You take something mundane and have either an in-studio guest or members of the show read it all “sexy like.” If I remember correctly, it worked out well with celebs.

– Sexy Owner’s Manual (car)

– Sexy IRS Tax Code

– Sexy Facebook Terms of Service

– Sexy Lease Agreement

– Sexy On Hold Message

– Sexy Instructions on building a piece of furniture.

Braless at School – Like a lot of women, I don’t like bras. I’ll wear one if I’m going to church or work but outside of that. I’m not wearing one. Yesterday, I’m walking my kid to school, and, no, I’m not wearing a bra. And? My daughter’s teacher actually pulled me aside and asked if I thought it would be more appropriate to “cover up” when coming to school. Are you for real? I told her that I was an adult and I would dress in whatever fashion I choose. She asked if, when my daughter went to high school, would she allow her to go braless. She suggested it might be against the dress code even. I was so angry. I nearly went straight to the principal. How dare her. 

  • Is she committing a crime by going braless to school? Did the teacher commit the crime by bringing it up? 
  • Unless you are tight knit with that person can you actually say anything about something that to a random person?