Idea Sheet 03/03/20

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I Cut the Cord – I know. Finally. I ended my relationship with DirecTV and have to take all the equipment to a nearby FedEx for shipping. We kinda had every channel. All the pay channels and whatnot. So, the bill was $220 a month. Nope. The only thing I really watch on the thing any more is hockey. I have to figure out how to get the games via streaming or I’m going to have to hit a PTs anytime there’s a game.

A friend of mine did hook me up with a couple of aps that I downloaded via my FireStick. I didn’t hack anything. The apps were all available nice and easy. I watched Vegas lose last night on a, not awesome, NBCSports Channel stream. I’ve also watched first-run movies on another app I downloaded. I watched 1917 and JoJo Rabbit. It seems illegal but is it?

  • When you cut the cord…did you miss some channels or did you just learn to live with it?
  • Did you find alternatives like “illegal” apps to watch your favorite shows. (BTW, I have all the info…everything. I watched cricket on Pakastani TV the other day…just because I could.)
  • I haven’t figured out how to access local TV…I mean, I get the big local stories off of social media…so, do I really need it?

Beauty Is Pain – We have a friend who goes through hell every month when she gets her eyelashes done. Apparently, she’s allergic to latex…or something in the glue. So, you’ll see this beautiful girl with thick lashes and she’s miserable. Her eye lids are puffy and red. She’s constantly scratching them. I asked her why she does it…she felt she didn’t look good without them and she has no real eyelashes left.

  • What do you do simply for the sake of beauty…you don’t care the cost, the pain, the suffering…but you have to do it to feel good about yourself?
  • Did you have some procedure, major or minor…and eyelashes count, that afterwards you were like this is soooooo not worth it? Or to the opposite, even though it was painful, it sucked and all of it…you LOVE the way you look?

Vegan Runner Doesn’t Want to be a Stereotype but… – Read below and answer me this, “What kind of reaction is this person expecting?” My initial response, if living in his neighborhood, would be to increase my barbecuing from zero to three nights a week…maybe open a curbside ribs-to-go stand. Your patchouli oil is offensive and frankly, I don’t like the smell of your pakalolo either…but I’m gonna live and let live. (BTW, the pakalolo is fine. I was stereotyping.)

  • Pain in the ass neighbor talk? One of my wife’s favorite murder shows is titled “Fear Thy Neighbor.” The tales are always about neighbors getting into a beef and then one of em ends of dead.
  • I didn’t go onto NextDoor to see what the responses were but they couldn’t have been kind.
  • I’ve done a bit in the past titled, “NextDoor Diaries.” You read the above post and let the listeners slay the person…or agree with them, too. Cool.

Mom Does Not Like the Girlfriend – My buddy had his mom in town and we all hung out and it became very clear that his mother was not a fan of his girlfriend. She didn’t “hate” her but you could tell she wanted her boy to find someone else. I didn’t get to the root of the dislike but it seemed to me it had to do something with control. But, my buddy would probably admit that he needs the bumpers up while bowling…

  • Have you been the girlfriend in this situation? How did you cope with a boyfriend’s mother who seemed like she didn’t like you? Did you eventually win her over or did the relationship end due to maternal interference?
  • Any mothers who fit this bill? Why didn’t you like the girl? Was it classic “nobody’s good enough for my son” syndrome? Will anyone admit that they kinda sabotaged their child’s relationship because they didn’t like who they were dating?