Idea Sheet 03/02/20

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The Workplace Bulletin Board – At the station, they put up all the notices and regulatory nonsense on a giant bulletin board in the break room. I don’t think anyone read anything on that board ever. A friend told me that she posted a quote on her company bulletin board and was told to take it down. The quote – “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”

Her manager and the shop steward told her to remove it because it may offend someone. In my time at KLUC we had several questionable things posted or handed out. We had an executive assistant who was a Trumper and placed an anti-Hillary flyer on everyone’s desk.

We had a bit of a stink one time when a female salesperson was told to remove her Chippendale’s calendar from public viewing in her cubicle. Fair is fair, I guess. If I can’t post my Lowrider SuperShow bikini calendar…no half naked dudes in bowties.

  • Anyone out there that has had to deal with stupid workplace rules? We had a manager once while another decision maker was out of town decide to ban shorts from the office…to make things appear to be more professional…um, we’re in radio and we live in Las Vegas. That policy was reversed quickly.

Weird Weed Self-Talk – I don’t get high often and usually, if I do, it’s a gummy. But this weekend I smoked a J and was out and noticed I was getting really deep with myself. I was in a parking lot and the property to the south was surrounded by a cyclone fence. The vacant lot was overgrown. In my head, I started debating whether the foliage in the lot were weeds or brush. I asked myself, “When to weeds become brush? Or, are weeds different than brush. Is brush unkempt shrubbery? Why is always called a “brush fire” and never a weed fire? Are weeds still alive? Brush, on the other hand, are weeds that have expired? I had what seemed to be a half hour conversation with myself over this. I still don’t know the answer. I was also obsessed with female bartenders’ shoulders. They both looked like they were swimmers…Also, obsessed with the size of the cranium on a woman across the bar. Either she had a giant skull or the woman with her had a nugget of a skull…It was never determined.

  • Tell us about your best conversation, debate, observation you’ve ever had while stoned. Did it still make sense the next day? I’ll tell you, I’m still fascinated about the weed-brush debate.

Coronavirus – Real talk. There are so many rumors and misinformation about this illness. I saw that Mercedes at Mix in Vegas had a doctor on to talk about it. Sure, that’s not sexy…but this is a unique situation, isn’t it? I mean, don’t spend 10 minutes with the doc…but get the main points out there to educate those to help prevent the spread of the disease. I read today that the Surgeon General was like, “Stop buying face masks.” Apparently, they are not effective in stopping Coronavirus. I guess people are buying so many…that people that really need them can’t get them…which could cause other illnesses to spread.

Idiots – You saw that 38% of Americans will not buy Corona beer because of the Coronavirus. Fuggin’ clowns!

  • What is the dumbest rumor or statement someone has said or posted, believing it to be true, that you’ve encountered? You don’t have to go very far…President Trump does it daily. Stay away from that, obviously, but there are a ton of morons who Tweet stupid shit.