Idea Sheet 02/25/2020

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How Could They Trade Him? – Now, the trading of Vegas Golden Knights backup goalie, Malcolm Subban isn’t going to get too many people upset.

Malcolm & Me

But when did your team trade your favorite player. I remember when the Niners sent Joe Montana packing. It was awful. I realize, because it’s sports-related, that this might skew male…but most of the comments about Subban and the trade of VGK’s Cody Eakin have been from women.

The Bachelor List – I found this ranking of all 23 bachelors from least to most dramatic. Now, I don’t know shit about that craptastic show but if it’s digestible by someone on the show…I imagine the phones would be solid on opinions.

How Much for Cheesecake? – You saw that senate minority leader Chuck Schumer spent nearly $9,000 over the last decade on cheesecake. Shit, I know somebody that probably spends that on Postmates in a month.

  • What do you spend entirely too much money on? (And you don’t care because you love it.)
  • We spend way too much money on DirecTV…honestly, it’s only so that I can watch the Golden Knights games on ATT SportsNet. If I could find another way…I’d cut the cord.
  • If money wasn’t in question, what would you buy an endless supply of?

Cheater – I read that the Houston Astros’ Jose Altuve was booed during his first at bat at spring training in Lakeland, Florida. If you don’t know, the Astros were mired in a huge cheating scandal that resulted in the firing of the manager and general manager, etc. Everyone is quite judgy about things like cheating. But you cheat. I know you do. Admit it.

  • Okay, what do you cheat at? The president cheats at golf. Do you cheat on your taxes? Did you cheat on your husband? Maybe you fudged a test or two back in the day? I know you’re a cheater. What did you do?

When You Knew It Was Over – I saw that Pete Davidson told Charlamagne the God that he knew he and fiancé Ariana Grande were done when the news came down that her ex Mac Miller had died.

  • When did you know the relationship was over? Was it a sign? Was it something he/she said? Was it a feeling?
  • I know the topic seems heavy…try and find someone that can run with something stupid like the second she found out he needed the crusts cut off his sammich…or some shit.