Idea Sheet 02/24/2020

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Do You Really Want a Celeb to Crash Your Wedding? – By now you’ve seen the video from Lil Nas X’s Twitter that shows him crashing a wedding at DisneyWorld.

I guess it would depend on who the celebrity was, right? I mean, Bill Murray has done this. For me, that would be awesome. I’ve seen where Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, the president, Brad Pitt and Beyonce have all “crashed” weddings. Okay, for the most part, they didn’t “crash” them. They happened to be at that particular hotel or resort and either stumbled upon or were stumbled upon and brought into the mix.

  • If you could pick a celebrity to crash your wedding, who would it be? Nicolas Cage, duh. I can come up with a few that I would be happy with.
  • What celebrities would you not want at your wedding? Brad Pitt might be one…he might steal the bride. Anyone from any of the Bachelor or “Real Housewives” seasons. GTFO! Oh, and the president. Fuck that guy…unless he’s going to donate to the cause.

Co-Ed Wedding Parties – Jenna & Hoda were discussing this on “Today.” According to “The Knot” more couples are not considering gender when they make up their bridal parties. Ya know, meaning the best man could be a woman. Mine was. Carly Johnston, at the time of my second wedding, was my best friend. I wanted her to stand up for me. She did. (We haven’t talked in years…nothing to do with the wedding.) If I, God forbid, divorced and married again there would be a good chance that at least one of my groomsmen would be women. Thoughts? Anyone completely against this and why?

Friends Come and Go – Considering the story above. Carly Johnston stood up for me at my wedding. She was my best friend at the time. I haven’t talked to her in years. She moved to Phoenix and after that it became out of sight, out of mind. I find it interesting though. How you can be so close with someone for a good period of time and then suddenly they’re just out of your life? Does it have to do with constant contact. Ya know, those people that you see, in person, on a regular basis. I know plenty of friends who have remained close even though there is distance between them.

  • What caused you and your BFF to drift apart? Maybe they stood up for you at your wedding…maybe they were the godmother/godfather to your kids? Why are they no longer in your life?

Say Something Nice About Your Ex Day – I looked it up and the only thing I could find that was similar was “Text your Ex Day.” So, let’s create our own. To send a little positivity (or sarcasm) out into the world, everyone call in and say something nice about your ex.

Make-up Free Monday – The Goop lady Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a makeup-free dinner. All of her guests were told to come au natural. Gwyneth is 47 and, even without makeup, looks amazing. (BTW, isn’t that the one would, obviously, host a party like that? Ya know, the one that looks amazing. It’s almost like a feel good for her just to see how much better she looks than her friends.) Demi Moore and Kate Hudson showed up. Demi looks amazing without makeup too.

  • Would you? Would you ever attend a makeup-free dinner party?
  • Are you makeup dependent? Like, you will NOT leave the house until you put your face on. Would you consider that a handicap? Are you jealous of those that don’t “have to” wear makeup?
  • I would assume some would find this liberating. If you are with friends that have a good measure of trust…but…don’t you believe that after one of these there would be some shit-talking? “Like, did you see so and so…OMG, the bags under her eyes…”

Have You Been Hit By a Car? – I saw that Meghan Trainor’s dad was hit by a car. I guess he’s okay and recovering. I can’t say that I’ve ever been hit by a car. I have a buddy whose brother has been hit by a car THREE TIMES! We’re talking, walking around and bam, you’re rolling up on someone’s Camry’s hood.

Apparently, Meghan’s dad was crossing the street in LA and it was a hit and run. If you hit a human being with your car and you drive off…you are legitimate scum. I suppose “hilarious” I got hit by a car stories may be scarce…but I think you’ll be shocked by how many people have been hit. Like WTF??!?!