Idea Sheet 02/18/2020

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Lost and Found – Great story about a woman’s clutch that was found some 60 years after it was lost. The purse had pics and cards and money in it. Here’s the story. The woman that lost it, while in high school in Ohio in the 50’s, passed a few years back.

  • Any great lost and found stories…or are they all pretty much lost and lost?
  • Did you lose something pretty important, to you anyway, and you still hold out hopes that you’ll find it someday?
  • On my old show we talked to Psychic Gary Spivey on a weekly basis. It might be fun to have him on simply to help people find lost items. All you need is one to be found to give the segment legs.

Have You Ever Gotten Someone Fired – I’ll admit I do have a bit of Karen in me. If I don’t feel that I’ve been treated properly, I will speak to a manager. Recently, I went to an outside bar of a restaurant following a Golden Knights game. I bought two drinks and noticed after the fact that there was a 16% “service charge.” I didn’t know what that was for and added a regular tip. The bartender acted like he didn’t know what was up. I, later, talked to a manager and he said that the charge did, in fact, go to the servers. Of course, I posted a pic of the receipt on socials to highlight this business’ shitbaggery.

Something I didn’t notice was pointed out in a couple of the responses to my Tweet. The tax on my purchase was over 13%. That made no sense, whatsoever. Finally, the corporate manger DMd me to explain what had happened. I think what they were doing is illegal and the manager intimated that they may actually lose their job because of it.

  • Did you actually complain and a result caused someone to lose their job?
  • Did you actually complain on social media and caused some sort of change?
  • When was your last “Karen” moment?”

The President Is Here – My Twitter timeline is filled with people complaining that Trump is in town. No, not because of politics but because when the president, any president, flies into your local airport, shit gets shutdown. There are road closures on the route to wherever he is going. At the airport, everything gets delayed…etc…

  • Politics aside, how did the president screw up your day?
  • Has anyone actually ever seen a president? I mean, in real life. I was in NYC one time and saw President Clinton drive by in a limousine. It was pretty cool, I thought. Whom did you see? Where was it? How was it?

What Movie Traumatized You As a Kid? – I just saw someone post this on Twitter. “The Amityville Horror” freaked me the F out. When I was older, I saw the Brad Pitt flick “Se7en” and it truthfully, screwed me up for a few days. What say you?