I Slept with Your Mother

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sofia vergara spence

As a younger man, I’ll admit to having a fantasy or two about a older broads. She was my best friend’s mom. Sexy, man. Sexy.

Maybe I was fueled by the lyrics, “Stacy’s mom has got it goin’ on.” You know, from that song. I don’t know. But she was hot, built like a woman, and seemed to flirt with me.

I remember staying over at my buddy’s house and seeing her wearing clothes around the house that were unnecessarily titillating. It was those memories that brought me all the way to this parody song.

It’s a fantasy come true. Using Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer,” I made it so the song is about nailing that hot mom of your dreams. Here’s “I Slept with Your Mom.”

It’s time for a sing-a-long:

Brought you a croissant
It’s what you like
Freshly baked
But your mom said I just missed you

She answered in a thong
and some tights
Nearly bare
I really wasn’t sure what to do

But my mind felt real naughty
She had naughty on her mind
I asked where’s your husband, Barry
She said bowling with the guys

While we listened to Usher
We held one another
In the bed of your brother
I slept with your mother

Pulled me in slammed the door behind
Finger lickin’ good, Kentucky Fried
Everything I’ve ever fantasized
Just she and I
I slept with your mother

Don’t tell yer father.

We got busy on the kitchen tile
Your dad’s Lazy-Boy we defiled
Super spicy salsa. No, not mild
We got buck wild
I slept with your mother