I Just Want Normal

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What any of us wouldn’t give for some normalcy, right? Even the most irritating things would feel comforting. I don’t require or desire much. I just want normal.

It’s not even the overt irritations like getting halfway across the parking lot before you realize you forgot your mask. It’s the simple pleasures of going up or down any damn aisle at the supermarket you choose. It’s having a smoke, a whiskey and blowing half your paycheck on Caveman Keno. You fell me?

So far this year I’ve written songs like “F*** You, 2020” and “Stay the F*** at Home.” No more hostility. Let’s just get back to even. That’d be cool.

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Here’s my Song of the Week is an original song on piano titled, “I Just Want Normal,” for Friday, July 31, 2020.

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