Hush Money – The Board Game

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Hush Money/Dall-E

When you play Monopoly with the kids, they have fun, and they learn about real estate. With the game Operation!, they have a great time learning how surgery requires a steady hand. Now, your child can be entertained and learn how the privileged and powerful seem to always get away with everything. It’s “Hush Money” the board game.

When faced with a legal entanglement, you need to act quickly. Lawyer up, threaten the D.A., maybe bribe a juror. Getting off is the name of the game when you play Hush Money.

Roll the dice. Select a payoff card and you’re off to the races. Maybe you’ve impregnated one of your staffers. Hush Money. Pulled over for a DUI and you need to silence that trooper? Hush Money. Who knows? Maybe someone found about the stripper you had relations with while your wife was pregnant. The answer is always – Hush Money.