Christmas in Spenceland

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When do the holidays begin? Some might argue that the season begins on November 1st with its conclusion on December 25th. Others might argue that the holidays begin on Thanksgiving…and still some other would disagree, saying that as long as there is a shit ton of comedy bits and songs then the holiday season goes year ’round. I would that person and here are the aforementioned holiday-type comedy bits and songs. Merry…you know.

Santa Claus

The Beastie Boys “Sabotage” gets a Christmas remix.

Melania on Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas”

Melania Trump has never seemed to be very fond of being First Lady. And we heard she wasn’t a fan of decorating the White House either. It’s a parody Hallmark Channel “Countdown to Christmas” feature.


It doesn’t take a lot of creative energy to take Flo Rida’s “Low” and remix it for Santa Claus.

Family Fight

When families spend time together over the holidays it can get kinda dicey. Here’s a “Silent Night” parody.

Frosty the Snowperson

I’ve seen the cartoon. Frosty ain’t got a dick. So, what makes him a snowMAN? Isn’t he a snowPERSON?

Santa Ooh Na Na

I think you get it. It’s a Santa Claus version of the Camila Cabello hit, “Havana.”

I’ll Be Nuts by Christmas

Yes, we all know, that the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. It’s not shock that some of us lose our minds before Christmas arrives.

Ha–mark Channe–

In 2019, Hallmark Channel decided to ban a commercial that featured a lesbian couple kissing. They got blasted and changed their mind. So, we decided to I decided to take the LGBTQ out of “Countdown to Christmas.”

Walmart’s “White” Christmas

Walmart put out a sweatshirt that seemed to have some pretty heavy cocaine imagery. I thought I would take advantage of that in this parody spot.

Rudolph the Pansexual Reindeer

Rudolph grew tired of playing those reindeer games and struck out on his own to love who he chose to love. Another “Countdown to Christmas” Hallmark Channel feature.

The Politically Correct Winter Solstice Outlet

Some place…some people…frown upon using the word “Christmas” this time of year. For the atheist in you check out this holiday-themed store.

A County Jail Christmas

Another Hallmark Channel “Countdown to Christmas” parody that celebrates the love between an officer, a convict and farm animals.

Stan-ta Claus

All the way back to 2000, here’s a Santa Claus-inspired remix of Eminem’s “Stan.”

A Donald Trump Christmas

It was Donald Trump’s first Christmas at the White House back in 2017. Here’s a compilation album celebrating his first year in office.

Office Christmas Party

Slamming down shitty finger foods, getting drunk on two drink tickets and making really bad decisions is the inspiration for this parody album.

Two Christmases

When mom and dad divorce, it’s not always a bad thing…especially around the holidays.

Grandma Got Pulled Over with a Cold Beer

A parody of, well, I think you can figure it out. Grandma got tanked on Christmas Eve and it did not end well for her.

A Drunken Christmas

Sometimes it’s a Merry Christmas and sometimes it’s really merry…amost embarrassingly merry. A holiday compilation parody album for the drunks.

A Message from Your Christmas Tree

Try and look at Christmas from the perspective of your Christmas tree. Be aware, you may not like what you hear.

I’ll Be Drunk on Christmas

I’ve used “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” a few times for parody use. I like the idea of the story of this dude getting drunk, getting in a fight and spending Christmas at a Motel Six. It makes me laugh.

Christmas with the Lannisters

For “Game of Thrones” fans you will love a Christmas album dedicated to those from Westeros.

Jesus Is Real Mad

Using the classic “Feliz Navidad,” we tell the story of how Jesus died for your sins only to have you forget all about him as you look for deals on Amazon.

Oh, Atheist Tree

What about a tree that doesn’t believe in God? Deep, right? No.

A Perverted Christmas

If you are on the naughty list…and you like it. Here’s a Christmas parody song album for you to stuff your own stocking to.

Wrapping Rappers

It really could be “Rapping Wrappers” or “Wrapping Rappers.” Either way it’s a service every mall should offer round this time of the year.

Throw It in the Sack

An ’09 parody of Fabolous’ “Throw It in the Bag” given a true north pole feel.

Santa Style

“Gangnam Style” was a big deal, I’m sorry to say. Psy had a huge hit in 2012 with this one. You can’t blame me for giving it a Christmas twist.

Have Yourself a S***y F***ing Christmas

Just be prepared, while above, certain words have asterisks replacing letters, this piano version pulls no punches. If you’re looking to get cheered up…move to the next bit.

Lick My Balls

If I had a list of my favorite things like Oprah, this would be on it. A parody of “Deck the Halls,” if you care.

Santa Claus Prefers His Girls Brown

Who knew that jolly old Saint Nick, prefers the dark meat? Makes sense, Santa loves everybody, right? Does Mrs. Claus know? Don’t care.

T’was the Fight Before Christmas

Did you know that the original poem that this parody version is taken was first published in 1823 and is actually titled, “A Visit from St. Nicholas”? Clement Clarke Moore wrote it and I destroyed it along with your angry parents.

Lindsay the Lohan

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what year I produced this. It’s still worth a viewing or six.