Song of the Week: Grammy

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If you didn’t know the story already and someone said, “Hey, such n’ such, just urinated on their own Grammy.” Would not Kanye West be the first artist to come out of your mouth? Such an amazing inspiration for my Song of the Week.

His strange, boorish behavior has become cliche, hasn’t it? If you don’t know the story, Ye, for some reason, posted a video on Twitter of him peeing on his own golden statue. The video is from his perspective. The Grammy is at the bottom of the toilet, and, we assume, Ye is peeing on it.

If you don’t know, now ya know.  Check out the latest edition of Spence Knows Knews. 

I’m sure if I read into it, I would find out a little more about why he did it. I know he’s in a battle with his record label, Universal, about the rights to his masters. What does peeing on your own award prove?

In 2020, I believe we are all a little more sensitive to mental illness. Reports are that Kanye does suffer from some instability. But how do you ignore one of the biggest artists and celebrities in the world when they do something that is inexplicable?

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With immense apologies to the incredibly talented Pharell, I decided to take a “Happy” and do a song surrounding Kanye’s toilet, trophy, Twitter turbulence.

My Song of the Week for Friday, September 18, 2020.  Enjoy “Grammy.”