Goodbye July

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Let’s be honest, July kinda sucked. 31 days of nothing particularly good to talk about. That’s why we’re happy to say, “Goodbye July.”

I mean, it all started with unpopular Supreme Court rulings affecting the LGBTQ+ community and people hoping for student debt relief. Then, continued with the deaths of legendary entertainers, singer, Tony Bennett, and actor, Alan Arkin.

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Actors joined writers on the picket lines as Hollywood’s thespians also went on strike. ESPN dumped a large number of popular hosts and contributors. Meantime, a mystery ensued as to who left their cocaine at the White House.

Jason Aldean stirred up controversy with a song that some believed had racist dogwhistles. LeBron James‘ oldest son, Bronny, suffered a cardiac arrest while playing hoops at USC. Then, inexplicably, Elon Musk changed his social media brand, Twitter, to the 24th letter of the alphabet.

Oh, and then there was a $1 billion Power Ball prize but you and I didn’t see squat.

Together, let’s sing our way to better days. Here is “Goodbye July.”

Goodbye July. Twitter’s now “X” no one knows why.
The White House coke find. Tony Bennett died.
Thank gawd, Bronny’s still alive, Barbenheimer won’t be denied
All the actors went on strike, and Jason Aldean loves small town life

One billion dollar Power Ball prize.
And you and I won’t get one friggin’ dime.

So, goodbye, to the hottest month of all-time.
We’re all fried. Goodbye July.