#Free4All – A Resume?

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Shawn Tempesta on Mix 94.1 hosts a daily one hour Facebook Live show, weekdays at 4pm. He brings in a variety of guests and they talk about whatever is going on in the world. Being that I’m searching for my next opportunity, I go in anytime he asks. Friday, I got to hang out with Shawn and my BFF, DK. Daena used to be on the “Dave & Mahoney Morning Show” back in the day and now heads up mornings for Alt 105.3 in the Bay.

I’ve had potential employers ask for a resume and that’s fine. It’s business, a resume is part of the employment experience, I suppose. But, man, I was at KLUC forever. You’re on this site, like it or hate it, you can see what I do…so, I gave Shawn & DK an idea of what was included in my resume.