“Fish Taco” Live

Posted by admin on September 1, 2014 Blog | Videos | No comments

Fools! Why would anyone allow me to perform a song on stage when they know the song’s title is “Fish Taco?” Then again, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious Fish Taco every now and then.

The annual Advertising Community Talent Show was presented at the Chrome Nightclub inside the Santa Fe Station on Saturday, August 2nd. Among the hosts of the event was former Channel 3 & 13 news anchor, Nina Radetich. I had a crush on Ms. Radetich some years ago and even wrote a song about her. (There were two songs actually. The second was written after Nina neglected to show for a scheduled appearance on our show. That song was not very nice.)

Fortunately, revenge is a dish best served cold. I dedicated “Fish Taco” to Nina.

“Nothing classier than a song called “Fish Tacos” dedicated to you. I love it. Thanks, Spence,” was Ms. Radetich’s response upon hearing the soon-to-be classic track.