Fiddy Can’t Afford Da Club

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Fifty Cent
How does a young man go from, reportedly, being worth a half of a billion dollars to filing for bankruptcy? This would be the story of 50 Cent affectionately known to the world as “Fiddy.” You could call it “Get Poor or Die Trying,” I suppose.

After losing a civil suit that would cost him a minimum of $5 million, Fiddy’s attorney’s filed for bankruptcy. Guys, he’s probably not broke. This is a business maneuver, I’m sure, to avoid paying out the cash. Even Fiddy pointed out that Walt Disney and Donald Trump have filed for a B-K.

Still, it’s fun to think that 50 blew threw that much dough…to think that he now needs food stamps and his Lambo has been repoed. Here’s a song about it.

Here be the lyrics:
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, Fiddy
It’s a B-K
File for bankruptcy. It’s a B-K
Bad wit yo money, so it’s a B-K
Fifty Cent broke he file for a B-K

He can’t afford the club, Frexinet’s his bub
They repoed his Lambo and his hot tub
He pawned his Rolex, just to pay his rent up
So, give a thug a hug cuz Fiddy is bankrupt

He can’t afford the club, food stamps for his grub
His credit card denied for the PornHub
Fiddy bouncing checks. He ain’t no Donald Trump
So give a thug a hug, cuz Fiddy is bankrupt