Elon Musk: Cologne for Men

Posted by admin on April 17, 2022 Audio | Blog | Parody Spots | Tags: , , , , , | No comments

Who wouldn’t want to smell like the richest person on the planet? Easy sell, right? I mean, the other day, Elon Musk put in a $40 billion+ offer to buy Twitter. Holy “S”, man! While you and I are trying to find the best price on eggs, he’s readying a giant Zelle payment. (It’ll probably take a couple of days to process that one.) Introducing, Elon Musk – Cologne for Men.

Now, I thought of this bit years ago. For whatever reason, I never found the right time to do it or simply forgot about doing it. After I had written and produced it, a buddy of mine asked, “How has this not been done before?” Wouldn’t you know it, it had. I guess actor Rainn Wilson, you know, Dwight from “The Office” suggested it back in 2020. Son of a…

What’s even funnier is someone produced a Elon Musk cologne parody bit back in 2014. If I’m to be accused of stealing the idea of this bit from Rainn Wilson, well then, he should be questioned about stealing it from a YouTube video.

Either way, if you are to have the musk of any man on your skin, it should be Musk’s musk.