Classic Phone Scams – Helium Balloon

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Years and years ago, when I was on KLUC’s morning show, here in Vegas, we did Phone Scams. Well, that’s what we called em. Some shows call them Phone Pranks or Phone Taps. We did a ton. I think upwards of 400 different scams before we stopped doing the bit.

See the video for the classic parod song, “Nevada Ooh Na Na.”

I don’t know how many times we used the pitch changer on our voice for a Phone Scam. But whether I was playing the role of an elf or, in this case, someone who had a serious side effect from sucking on helium balloons, it was always good fun.

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This poor woman. I’m not sure if she ever figured it out that we were screwing with her. You have to hand it to her though. If you were working customer service, how long would you let something like this happen before you would simply hang up?

Classic Phone Scams – Helium Balloon