Church of Spencetology: The South Is Stupid

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This week’s Church of Spencetology Podcast explores the stereotype that everyone in the South is stupid. Now, obviously, not everyone down there are idiots. But with what’s going on with this pandemic, they sure aren’t proving a lot of folks wrong.

Check out the episode #5 of “Spence Knows Knews”

Georgia allows a YMCA camp to go on. 200 of the 600 people in attendance are diagnosed positive. Just a few days after that, photos surface from a high school in the Atlanta suburbs of crowded hallways with kids not wearing masks. The superintendent contends that “masks are a choice.” By the way, member of the football team have already been diagnosed positive.

Hockey’s back! A song for the VGK!.

Plus, more COVID material with my Song of The Week. You’ll hear the original song, “I Just Want Normal.” Another Karen News Update too. And it’s all presented by No Mask Airways

Episode 140 of the Church of Spencetology podcast, “The South Is Stupid” was recorded Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

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