Church of Spencetology: Hey Reb Has Left the Building

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The subject of whether UNLV should distance itself from the nickname “Rebels” and its mascot, “Hey Reb” has once again reared its ugly head.

Tuesday, UNLV’s president, Marta Meana, removed the controversial, allegedly Confederate-themed Hey Reb statue from campus.

Some claim “cancel culture,” while others shout, “It’s about time.” We’ll delve into the history of the UNLV Rebels. I will present a few alternatives just in case “Rebels” goes the way of…the Confederacy.

Plus, a tribute to local, radio Covidiot, Heidi Harris, who was very vocal about not wearing a mask. Guess what she contracted?

Additionally, a Song of the Week detailing how crappy the last six months have been.

The Church of Spencetology Podcast, episode 135, is presented by AARP: Antifa Provocateur Training and was recorded on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

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