Chris Evans’ National Anthem

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On your 2020 Bingo card, who had a “Captain America Dick pic?” Anyone? The Twitterverse went, um, nuts as it were, when a photo popped up in actor Chris Evans’ Instastory showing Captain America’s most dedicated little solider.

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According to E! Online, the star of “Knives Out” posted a pre-recorded video of his family playing “Heads Up.” At the end of the video, it displayed his device’s camera roll grid. In that group of pics, a few NSFW photos were seen including, one that many believe to be, Captain America’s erect penis.

The video was pulled down fairly quickly. Who know how many of his nearly six million followers saw Evans’ member? Screenshots of the image, however, permeated social media and can still be found on a variety of social media sources.

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Being that Captain America is all about the old red white and blue, it only made sense to redo “The Star Spangled Banner” in honor of Evans.

Enjoy, “Chris Evans’ National Anthem.” Feel free to sing along to the lyrics listed below.

Oh, say did you see Chris Evans’ InstaStory
Mistakenly, posted a pic
of you know what and it rhymes with “pic”

Had no stripes or bright stars
but it was quite a sight
On my iPhone we watched
and my wife’s face was beaming

Yes, of course, I did stare
Took some time to compare
Captain America on film 
but he’s the Hulk down there

Yes, Thor he swings a hammer 
but Chris is a close second place
Superhero on the screen
Superhero below the waist