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A big focus this election season, from both parties, has been suburban women. Both Democrats and Republicans feel they can win if they can get that “soccer mom” vote. It wouldn’t hurt if either party embraced a new vote by mail service: ChippenMails.

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Imagine, if you will, you’re a suburban, professional woman. You’re juggling a career, kids and a husband that has, sadly, taken his eye off the ball. You don’t have a lot of time for the extras. You’ve filled out your ballot but there it sits on the kitchen island. “I’ll get to it,” you say with a sigh. Then you hear an ad for ChippenMails!

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You call and a sexy mailman arrives at your doorstep to collect your ballot. Yeah, he looks like the postman, if the postman was 6’3″, cut in a g-string and wearing only a bowtie and a smile. It’s the world’s first vote by male, mail service. Learn more about ChippenMails.

ChippenMails: The Vote by Male, Mail Service.