Capitol Hill Senior Living

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Cheese, wine, and George Clooney, these would be things that age well with time. United States Senators, meh, not so much. The average age of a U.S. Senator is 64. That’s pretty close to retirement age for the rest of us.

One member, Diane Feinstein of California just turned 90. Iowa’s Chuck Grassley ain’t far behind with his 90th in a few months. Then you have three other octogenarians with Vermont’s 81 year-old Bernie Sanders, minority leader, Mitch McConnell from Kentucky and 80 year-old James Frisch from Idaho.

When the fight comes to you, don’t take it sitting down – Get a folding chair.

The U.S. senate has, for all intents and purposes, become a retirement community. It’s what I’m going to call Capitol Hill Senior Living. Why would they leave and go to the same facility your nan’s in? I mean, they get paid, at minimum $174,000 a year. The retirement and health care benefits are amazing and they really only have to work 138 days a year.

I imagine Diane and Mitch sitting in a common area, sipping soup, and watching their stories. Maybe Bernie and Chuck hopping on the senior shuttle to Walmart to get their prescriptions. It’s Capitol Hill Senior Living. I’ve heard 80 is the new 70.