Baseball’s Back…Meh

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After a nearly four month pandemic delay. After seemingly endless squabbling between owners and players,a 60-game, finless season begins on Thursday.

For some, it’s a welcome return to normalcy. For other it’s as simple as having some sort of live, professional sport on TV on a regular basis. And for even others, like me, it’s a whole load of who gives a shit.

Baseball: America’s Sleep-Aid

Yeah, I know, I don’t have to watch it. Truth is, I probably will because I’ve exhausted every show on every app known to mankind. But nothing excites me about baseball. It’s slow. It’s boring.

I do love the game’s history. I re-watched Ken Burns “Baseball” documentary. Nine episodes totaling nearly 19 hours. Yet, somehow, that was even less tedious than a typical major league game.

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Hey, enjoy. Watch those nine guys standing around for three hours. I’m cool. Here’s a song about my level of excitement now that baseball’s back.

Baseball’s Back…Meh

Oh, and because it’s the kind of guy I am. Here’s a secondary version for those of you that truly are excited about the national pastime returning.

Baseball’s Back…Yeah!