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Any and every marketing person, every content creator seeks to make a mark; to go viral. Sadly, like a hit song, sometimes no one can seem to explain the “how.” The creators of the whimsical “Barbie” movie and the atom bomb epic, “Oppenheimer” just happened to step into a magical, audience-generated ad campaign, “Barbenheimer.”

Both films debut in theaters on Friday, July 21st and that’s where the similarities end. The social media phenomenon is clearly completely explained here.

What began as a variety of memes has turned into a variety of Etsy t-shirts, and a plan for those to see the movies one right after the other like a double feature.

This scenario could have happened before, I suppose. How about PolterKahn? June 4, 1982, Poltergeist and Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn debuted on the same day. You could go with Heatmanji. Al Pacino’s Heat came out on December 15, 1995 along with Jumanji starring Robin Williams.

Here’s what could happen if you actually combined Barbie with Oppenheimer.