A Message from the Letter “Q”

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Ladies and gentlemen, one of the 26 letters of the alphabet has been hijacked. Many of us will never look at the 17th letter in the alphabet the same way again. To say its peace, here’s a message from the letter “Q.”

Please enjoy this fine selection parody and original Songs of the Week.

For all these years “Q” has been a harmless and quirky member of the alphabet family. Only “J” is used less in dictionaries. Many of Q’s words are not used by anyone other than Scrabble assholes. Ya know, “Hey, that’s not a word.” And they pull out their Scrabble dictionary. We find out it is a word but you’ve never heard of it. Typically, it begins with the letter “Q.”

In recent years, however, the letter Q’s reputation has been besmirched by the radical right wing nut jobs of the conspiracy laden Qanon movement. Yes, the ones who think there’s a cabal of liberal leaders and celebrities that are running a satanic, cannibalistic child sex ring…out of a DC pizza shop. Those guys.

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I have friends with a last name that begins with “Q.” For more than a decade they have a license plate that reads, “Q Kids,” in honor of their children. They are strongly considering changing the license plate due to this wacko movement.

Now, to set the record straight and clear its good name, here is “A Message from the Letter “Q”.”

A Message from the Letter “Q”