A Message from the Capitol Building

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Politicians gave their take . The media delivered its accounts. The domestic terrorists who violated the sanctity of our democracy, by forcing entry into the Capitol, gave us their side of the story. However, the “People’s House has yet to be heard, until now. This is a message from the Capitol Building.

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She’s been hanging around D.C. for nearly as long as our Republic. Thomas Jefferson was the first president inaugurated at the Capitol. And, let’s be honest, it’s had a good run. Sure, it’s seen its good times and bad times.

The worst might have been in 1814, when the British, who, much like Trump, couldn’t accept defeat, stormed Washington D.C. and set the Capitol on fire. Obviously, it was rebuilt soon after. January 6, 2021 might be a close second.

Still recovering from 2020. Here are some reminders..but they’re funny.

Pro-Trump protesters broke through Capitol Police lines and forced entry into the building. They interrupted a the constitutionally mandated counting of the electoral college sending senators and representatives scurrying for safety. It was he first time the Capitol had been invaded in 208 years. Definitely, a demoralizing, if not destructive,  day for democracy and Americans everywhere.

What did the People’s House have to say about a very shocking tumultuous day?

A Message from the Capitol Building