A Message from Queen Elizabeth

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Boy, there is no love lost between the royal family and the former Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Check out this message from Queen Elizabeth.

A UK tabloid printed allegations that the former Suits actress bullied aides as a member of the royal household. Two unnamed assistants accused Markle of “emotional cruelty and manipulation.” Buckingham Palace released a statement claiming they were “clearly very concerned about allegations in The Times of London.” They promised their human relations team “will look into the circumstances outlined in the article.”

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Soon after, in a preview clip from Oprah with Meghan & Harry: A Primetime Special, Meghan accused the royals of “perpetuating falsehoods.” The interview airs on CBS, Sunday March 7th. The interview was recorded two weeks before these allegations surfaced.

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Sunday Times royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah told CBS News, “You could probably only describe that relationship now, between the two sides, as all-out war.” In a rare message to the her subjects, Queen Elizabeth II has some strong words for Markle. Megan is a Los Angeles native and is the mother to one of the queen’s great grandchildren. The couple’s second child is due in the spring. This is a message from Queen Elizabeth.