A Message from a GameStop Employee

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Most of us were on the same page last week. What is going on with GameStop? How is that out-of-date, mall store next to the Hot Topic have a stock price more reminiscent of Apple than a failing retail outlet? We’ve all learned a little about the market over the past few days. But, until now, we had not heard a message from a GameStop employee.

The founder of MAGA-A, Jolly Texas, tells about the movements “symbols.”

If you click on CNBC, you’ll hear from the Wall St. types bemoaning amateur investors and how they’re ruining the market. I guess, Melvin Capital Management, who had bet big on GameStop’s demise, lost 53% of its value thanks to retail investors. At last check the stock was trading at $350 a share.

Why is Budweiser taking its money elsewhere this Super Bowl. Here’s the real reason.

I still don’t know jack about what exactly is going on. I can tell you this, the one person who is not making a dime off these free market shenanigans are the $10 an hour employees of GameStop. Let me introduce, Greg. He’ll fill you in on his perspective from right behind the counter in “A Message from a GameStop Employee.”