A Kid’s Real Letter to Santa

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I have a serious question. Has Santa updated his communications system? I mean, do kids still have to actually write a letter to request Christmas presents? Is there an email address?

RealKingoftheNorth@gmail ?

Can you slide into Santa’s DMs with your important toy desires? I just ask because your kid actually writes letters. It’s 2023, for the love of gawd.

Why Santa Claus is Better Than Amazon

The point is moot, really, since the bit I produced is a real letter written by a kid to Kris Kringle. What does this 9 year old girl want for Christmas? Is it to see Taylor Swift live in concert? It it a handful of Robux? No, this little girl only wants what’s best for Santa.

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Here is an ordinary girl with a real letter to Santa Claus. Merry Christmas, everybody.