A Kid on Halloween

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Every year they come to our doors looking for a handout. They are dressed as princesses and pirates, fire figthers and fairies. They have one goal in mind: to fill their pumpkin buckets, pillowcases or Walmart shopping bags with as much candy as they can carry. Yet, we wonder what’s really going on in their malleable, little minds. What’s going on in the head of a kid on Halloween?

This Kid Supports Book Bans

Most have been schooled on the basics of polite behavior. Say, “Trick or Treat” when the door is opened. And even if the person answering the door gives them box of raisins or dental floss, say “thank you.”

Are they taking stock of who gave them a Milky Way and who gave them Smarties? Is the plan to consume as much sugar as possible, or to budget out the sweets for a week or longer. Here, we get to go inside the head of a young trick or treater with her thoughts on All Hallow’s Eve. This is an ordinary kid on Halloween.