VGK: The Year in Songs

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What an amazing inaugural season for the Vegas Golden Knights?!?! Nobody, and I mean nobody, anticipated an expansion team making the playoffs, winning the Western Conference or that Stanley Cup Final games would be played in Las Vegas.

We celebrated Vegas’ first professional team from one of the four major North American professional sports leagues and welcomed them with open arms. By the end of the season, you couldn’t walk two feet without running into someone wearing a VGK hat, jersey or shirt or hearing someone yell out, “Go Knights Go.”

Here are a collection of Golden Knight-inspired songs from our first season

“What Will I Do Without Hockey?”

“I’ll Do Anything for Stanley Cup Final Tickets”

“Put Your Finger In My Ear, Flower”

“My Playoff Beard Makes Me Feel Tough”

“Rejected Vegas Golden Knights Playoff Songs”

We changed the track throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the song became the “Formerly Rejected Now Universally Accepted Vegas Golden Knights Playoff Songs”

If you wanted to get pumped up before the game, the way to do it was with The DJCO1 VGK Pump Up Mix.